When Engineering Bold New Designs,
3D Printing Lets you try new Prototypes

3D Printing is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically  by laying down many  successive thin layers of a material. It brings a digital object(its CAD representation) into its physical form by adding layer by layer of materials.

There are several different techniques to 3D Print an object.  The  manipulation  of  objects in their digital format and the manufacturing of new shapes by addition of material.

A growing industry still needs innovation. It is a search of new solutions, revolutionary technologies and innovative  ideas. Industrial 3D printing has  become  the  answer to these needs. Industrial  3D  printers  were  created  for  printing  strong, precise and mechanically, thermally and chemically resistant large-size models. This is what modern industry requires and Omni3D responds to these needs.

Industrial 3D printers are adapted to create advanced, fully functional prototypes, but also final products. Tools can be printed in the form of individual models, but also in the form of short series, and at the same time everything  can be personalized to individual customer needs. Industrial  3D  printing  allows  the  production of  replacement  elements  often with properties exceeding the physical characteristics of end elements created in a traditional.

Diagonal CADD  emerged  in 3D  Printing  Technology  in  2012  and  started serving  the Industries and Institution. As the demand for High End  Industrial 3D Printing technology and its  Materia l increases, Diagonal CADD  has  collaborated  with  other  Top   Class  3D Printer Manufacturer across the Globe.

Europe’s top manufacturer of large-format industrial 3D printers

OMNI3D  is  the   first  Polish  manufacturer  of   industrial 3D printers  in  FFF  technology operating  in Poland  and abroad, offering   industrial   3D   printing   systems,  rental   of  machines, 3D Printing Filament and 3D printing on demand.


Factory 2.0

Factory 2.0 is designed for demanding engineers who want to optimize costs and production time.

  • 500 x 500 x 500 mm build volume
  • 2 Extruders with automatic height adjustment
  • Quick start of printing and easy operation
  • Enclosed heating chamber

Factory 2.0 NET

Machine for customers demanding high standard of print process and demanding materials

  • Build volume 500 x 500 x 570 mm
  • Dual head with lift-when-inactive system
  • Remote camera supervision
  • AN and WIFI connectivity


Machine for demanding customers with quick and easy operation with industrial standards.

  • Build volume 460 x 460 x 600 mm
  • 2extruders with filament presence sensor
  • Printer management by website
  • Printer farm management



Designed for smaller prints, for customers requiring simple and quick operation of the machine

  • The extruder is made of aluminium
  • 260°C Nozzle temperature
  • Easy removal of printouts
  • Metal body construction


Desktop Printer for customers requiring simple and fast machine operation while maintaining industrial standards of printing

  • Remote management
  • The extruder is made of aluminium
  • 400°C Nozzle temperature
  • Easy removal of printouts


Easy to use desktop 3D printer designed for customers who are just starting their adventure with 3D printing

  • The extruder is made of aluminium
  • 260°C Nozzle temperature
  • Easy removal of printouts
  • Metal body construction

We will make custom 3D printing for you

We print both prototypes and fully functional final elements.

Why choose 3D printing with OMNI3D?

Our speciality is low-cost production, prototyping and production of spare parts, tools and tooling. OMNI3D are professionals representing the automation, engineering and aviation and food industries.

Engineer the change with 3DGence.

In 2014, 3DGENCE began a vision and a commitment to make the most versatile, flexible, and cost-effective industrial 3D printing  solutions  that  will  support  and  optimize the workflow of our customers. With headquarters both in the Americas and Europe and our partners worldwide, we are providing global coverage and services to our customers across the world.


3DGence INDUSTRY F420 is the industrial 3D printer capable of printing high performance polymers such as ULTEM™ and PEEK. Highest quality, Dimensional accuracy and repeatable results within your reach.

  • High speed 3D Printing
  • Large build volume
  • Composite ready industrial 3D printer
  • Interchangeable printing modules


Dual extruder 3D printer designed for industrial applications where accuracy, speed, comfort and safety of the entire 3D printing process are crucial. This 3D printer is suitable for working with a wide range of technical materials including the  high-performance thermoplastics

  • Productivity @ 400 mm/s
  • Heated printing chamber
  • Material Versatility​
  • Cost-efficiency


The most versatile industrial 3D printer capable of 3D printing with the widest range of engineering materials, certified by TÜV Rheinland. Designed to produce high-quality and durable parts with complex geometry.

  • Large build volume
  • Interchangeable printing modules
  • Heated printing chamber
  • Heated material chamber
  • Smart Material Manager
  • Autocalibration


Dual-extruder 3D printer developed for professional use certified by TÜV Rheinland. Designed to create accurate parts with great detail using soluble support material.

  • Water soluble support
  • Autocalibration
  • Dual swappable hot ends
  • Open material base
  • Material flow control system

The EviXscan 3D brand is a high-quality 3D scanner, working in  structured  light   technology,   designed   and  manufactured  by Evatronix.  Currently,  there  are  six  scanner  models  developed for high-precision  applications  in  reverse  engineering  and contactless quality  control  areas.  Through  an  extensive  network  of  resellers, eviXscan   3D   scanners  are  now  available  in  almost  all  European markets, in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.


EviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Quadro 3D Scanner

Heavy Duty Quadro – able to scan in  almost any indoor or outdoor conditions Produces high precision results in all environmental and   atmospheric   conditions.  Designed  for  continuous  operation  in industry and production lines under conditions of varying temperatures and lighting. The blue  structured  light  source enables scanning of dark objects    in    outdoor   lighting   environments.   The   sealed,   anodized aluminium  housing  protects  the  scanner  internals  against  accidental mechanical damage, moisture and dust.

  • Precise 3D scanning in the most difficult conditions
  • Scanning accuracy up to 0.013 m
  • Accuracy certified in accordance with the VDI/VDE Standard 4X5 Mpix cameras
  • Two scanning ranges in one device
  • Dust proof device (IP62)
  • Perfect for: Quality control, Reverse engineering and Rapid prototyping

EviXscan 3D Optima+ M Scanner

3D Optima+ M scanner is designed for reverse engineering, non-contact   quality   control and   rapid   prototyping   of medium size objects.

  • Optimal solution for the 3D scanning
  • Scanning accuracy up to 0.009 mm
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Powerful blue LED light source with extended lifetime
  • Two high quality 7 Mpix cameras
  • Accuracy certified in accordance with the VDI / VDE standard

3D EviXscan 3D Fine Precision

A tiny scanner with great possibilities. The EviXscan 3D Fine Precision scanner  is  a  device  based  on  the  latest  generation of high-speed cameras   with   CMOS   sensors  and  a  LED  blue  light  source  –  the combination of both technologies allows for very accurate reproduction of the scanned surface (accuracy up to 6 µm, resolution 33 µm), even with dark-surface objects.

  • Precise 3D scanning small sized objects
  • Scanning accuracy up to 0.006 mm
  • Scan time <1s
  • Ideal for small objects


Web-based calculation software for mechanical engineering

The web-based software e-Assistant is an intelligent calculation tool that will definitely pay off right from the first minute.

Professional calculations of shafts, bearings, gears, shaft-hub-connections, springs and timing belts, etc. The implementation of internationally accepted standards and general guidelines (e.g., DIN, ISO, VDI, …) is very detailed and related to practice.

  • Calculation reports in HTML and PDF format
  • Intelligent CAD plugins
  • User-friendly and intuitive handling for beginners and professionals
  • e Assistant – A clever way to calculate!

System Manager


  • Calculation software for complete systems of machine elements
  • Fast, easy and clear design of systems
  • Multi-shaft systems coupled with gears
  • Concentric shaft systems for planetary gear trains
  • Coaxial shafts
  • Integrated shaft calculation for deflection and bearing forces taking nonlinear bearing stiffness of rolling bearings into account
  • Strength calculation of shafts according to DIN 743 via eAssistant shaft module
  • Integrated rolling bearing calculation to determine the nominal and extended rating life according to DIN ISO 281 including rolling bearing database and lubricant database
  • Rolling bearing calculation with consideration of inner bearing geometry to calculate nominal and extended reference life according to ISO/TS 16281 (extended option)
  • Gear calculation via eAssistant gear and planetary gear train module
  • User interface provides overview over gear safeties and bearing life
  • Load spectra can be defined on system level, bearings and gears will be calculated with the given load spectrum
  • Different switch positions can be defined, consideration of switch positions in load spectrum calculation
  • Load distribution along the face width gives an indication of required tooth trace corrections
  • Eigen frequencies can be calculated on system level including coupling of torsional and bending modes; mode shafts are animated in 3-D for easier identification of modes (extended option)
  • Different result graphics / diagrams, presentation of power flow in 3-D, …
  • Perpendicular shaft systems with connection to bevel gear module
  • Perpendicular shaft systems with connection to worm gear module
The eAssistant System Manager is a local application (offline software) and allows for a fast and easy design of complete systems of machine elements. The application ranges from simple systems (e.g., single shaft or coaxial shafts with bearings and loads) to complex systems (e.g., multi -stage gearboxes, manual gearboxes, any types of planetary gear trains).

The System Manager acts as an add-on to the web-based calculation software eAssistant and there is a direct connection between the System Manager and the eAssistant software. The cylindrical gear calculation module, for example, can be opened directly within the System Manager. The cylindrical gear can then be defined with all appropriate data. For calculating the entire system, all necessary eAssistant calculation modules will be used.

In order to use the System Manager, an eAssistant 12-month flat rate or a TBK license is required. The software is available in German and English.


The eAssistant System Manager is very simple and intuitive to operate and complex systems can be configured and calculated without much effort and with just a few mouse clicks. Thus, the software can be used during the design or pre-development phase as well as for re-calculation and optimization of systems. The software is not only suitable for large companies, but also for engineering consultants, small or medium-sized businesses and for training and teaching.

On Demand Services

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3D Printing services – On Demand 3D Printing Services from Diagonal CADD

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3D Printing

Use the 3D Printing services. Together with us you will implement a Project in any 3D Printing Technology. We print spatially in FDM, SLS, SLA, DMLS and PolyJet Technologies. Thanks to our experienced Engineers and an extensive 3D Printer park, you can be sure that your 3D Print will be of the highest quality. Contact us and find out what the price of your 3D model will be Printed.

Diagonal CADD Printing farm

  • More than 50 3D Printers ready to make batch Production and the biggest Prints
  • 10 plus years of experience in Projects related to Prototyping, Components Production and mock-ups
  • A wide spectrum of additional post-Processing of Printed elements on Customer’s request
  • More than 5000 3D Prints made till 2020

3D Scanning

3D Scanning allows you to create extremely precise Scans with an accuracy of up to 0. 05 mm. Measurements are made for both small and large models, from 0. 05 m to 4 m. It is possible to obtain a detailed 3D model for almost every object, which at a later stage can be Processed in a CAD Program and Printed on a 3D Printer.